Syndicated market research is imperative in the development of a sound business strategy. However, many organizations either skip the research process or are unsure of the types of market research that best fit and support their business plans. Syndicated market research is a business service that provides overall market insights, assisting clients with market strategy and brand positioning.

Our syndicated research delivers overall market insights, assisting businesses with market strategy and brand positioning. Furthermore, our studies offer a broad overview of the market and/or segments combined with an in-depth focus on specific or niche areas within the market. The reports include data, information and strategic insights about size of segments, macro-level trends, inspire new thinking about strategy and help uncover new opportunities.

The Benefits of Syndicated Research
• A well-designed syndicated research provides a representative overview of the market
• It helps in measuring and gauging brand awareness, strength, and perceptions
• It helps in identifying major trends in a particular industry
• It offers competitive intelligence to clients about an industry or product
• A well-crafted syndicated research help companies develop business- building strategies

Providing a Representative Overview of the Market

While custom research often focuses on a smaller subject/issue or population, syndicated research ensures a representative sample of the overall market. It provides a clear representation of the players in the market, whether they are customers, clients, or businesses.

Measuring Brand Awareness, Strength, and Perceptions

Similarly, this market overview perspective allows multiple companies who invest in syndicated research to see how their brands and product offerings are viewed among customers and potential customers compared to those of their competitors.

Identifying Industry Trends

Syndicated research is undertaken on a large scale, it often provides a macro-level overview of the issues facing a particular industry. Syndicated research is useful for organizations looking to understand the market landscape and their position in it, as well as those looking to gain a jump-start on issues likely to affect the industry in the future.

Offering Competitive Intelligence

By offering insights on macro-level industry trends as well as a detailed understanding of specific issues within an industry or market, syndicated research can be a valuable source for competitive intelligence professionals seeking to gain information on how best to position their companies in a competitive market.